I am, Sam.

I am, Sam.

Today is a big day. First, Judge Samuel Alito will finally get his up or down vote in the senate having survived the confirmation process. I suppose that it is too late for Harry Reid to call for the application of Rule 21. But I fear that the Republicans would just see it as yet another bluff by the Democrats. Reid and the majority of the Democrats in office could use a little courage.

Of course after the votes have been cast and counted, there will be a little swearing in ceremony. The newly annointed Associate Justice will be wisked away to the Supreme Court where he can unceremoniously toss Sandra Day O'Connor out on her backside.

Of course various members of the Republican Party, and not to mention Bush's "opinion leaders" will be telling all that will listen that the Republicans already control the Legislative, the Executive branches and now they control Judiciary as well. And who in the "right" mind actually believes that Alito isn't another "activist judge". I find it absolutely impossible to believe that Judge Alito isn't going to "legislate from the bench".

After a full days activities of self congratulatory back-slapping the Republicans will head back to the halls of Congress where Bush will proceed tell a fabulous tale of how his taxcuts will set you free; how Medicare is saving seniors millions; the war in Iraq is going according to plan; that the insurgents attacks are a sign of weakness; that his administration is building up a coalition against Iran. (And not to be outdone, Iran has laid their cards on the table.) Of course there will be wonderful talk about rebuilding New Orleans.

More importantly Bush will tell the public that as president he has the power to illegally wiretap whomever he desires. (To say nothing of torture.) I expect to hear Bush say more than once that his "most important job as president is to protect and defend the American people." That is not what the Constitution says.

Bush can end his day knowing that he is one signing statement away from running the dictatorship he likes to make jokes about.


The 800 Pound Gorilla

The 800 Pound Gorilla

What can be said about the recent Palestinian election where Hamas was swept into power with a mandate that George Bush and Stephen Harper could only dream about.

Of course, the political neophytes have their work cut out for them. Israel doesn't seem interested in talking with Hamas. And it looks like they are going to have a difficult time should the economic assistance from the West suddenly dry up.

Of course, should the West decided to abandon the Palestinians and Hamas, this leaves the door open to the Iranian government. I imagine that Iran would not deny economic assistance because Hamas won't recongnize Israel.

Or maybe, just maybe, the West will re-think its position fearing the hegemony of a Nuclear Iran in the Middle East. And we know what a wonderful motivator fear can be upon a large segment of the US electorate.

And, who in their "right" mind would turn their back upon an 800 Pound Gorilla?

Update: The Saudis knew that Hamas would win. And they credit the policy of the Bush Adminstration.

Armed Wing

Armed Wing

Well, if I heard Bush correctly, it does appear that there will never be peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis because each party involved in the negotiations has their own Armed Wing. (Clearly some are more armed than others.)


When Osama Speaks

When Osama Speaks

The Republicans respond as no other group of people on the planet. When Osama speaks the Republicans vote with their fears. When Osama speaks the Republicans cringe and are quick to reliquish their civil liberties, aiding Al Qaeda in their goal to "destroy our way of life."

No doubt about it, Osama bin Laden has been very good to Bush's political forture.

Faux News Deux

Faux News Deux

Well, it is official. CNN (aka Faux News Deux) has decided to emulate their sister station by advancing the cause of the Republican agenda by hiring more party spokesmen (read: apologists). It was apparent that FND already had issues of credibility starting with their coddling of Robert Novak after he revealed the name of Valerie Plame. And we know where he works now.

FND has hired Glenn Beck, William Bennett and last but not least, JC Watts. At least Novak was a journalist. The same cannot be said of the three newest members of the FND crew.

So, today as I surfed and read I came across this story about Aaron Brown the former CNN anchor of News Night, with the Palm Beach Daily in the form of a link at The Raw Story.

I wanted to share a quote with you that I think typifies the actions of FND and the other 24 hour news channels. Brown said,
"Truth no longer matters in the context of politics and, sadly, in the context of cable news."


The Oath of Office

George Bush is fond of making statement that are often ignored and go unchallenged by the mainstream media. These same statements are taken as gospel by the president’s supporters. On Monday, Bush gave two speeches. The first was to the “pro-life movement” who were protesting yet another anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. In the first speech of the day Bush told the audience in attendance via telephone that the “Declaration of Independence applies to everyone” including the unborn. And on cue, the audience applauded.

I started to wonder if the people at the rally were really listening to what he said? Did they notice he said the Declaration of Independence and not the Constitution? Did those in attendance know there is a difference?

I have read the Constitution many times, and I for the life of me cannot find any reference or legal recognition of the Declaration of Independence. The latter document is the greatest Mission Statement ever published. But of course, the Bush followers don’t appear to be very studious other wise they might not have been so quick to applaud. Perhaps I am being unduly critical of Bush supporters.

The second speech (lecture?) of the day was given at the University of Kansas. Bush spoke at length to a friendly audience about his justification for illegal wiretapping and the expansive powers of the executive branch. (I was hoping that he would expand upon his administrations use of wiretapping and mention the legal justification according to the Federalist Papers, but that didn’t happen.) The second part of his speech was about the Iran’s [legal] pursuit of nuclear power and the quest for nuclear weapons.

Central to each topic was Bush’s central theme was his claim that “the most important priority [as president] is to protect the American people.” Now this isn’t the first time Bush has made such a statement. The earliest evidence that I have found dates back to June of 2002. Bush stated, “The President’s most important job is to protect and defend the American people.”

While this sounds all well and good, and most certainly receives the applause that it was intended to elicit, Bush is wrong. And the reason I know he is wrong is found in the very Constitution that he has shown contempt for. The following is the Oath of Office every President takes and that Bush has twice sworn upon a bible of his chosen religion to uphold.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of the United States, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

United States Constitution, Article Two, Section 1 (ll. 404-408)

So, the next time Bush starts talking about the “most important job of the president” don’t be fooled. Remember the Oath of Office he swore to uphold, and his failure to do so.

The Oath of Office


Oh Canada...Oh Canada Part 4

Oh Canada...Oh Canada Part 4

It is official. The new Prime Minister of Canada is Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party. But before I say anything, I wanted to take the time to congratulate the 64.9 percent of Canadian voters who took the time to vote.

More than a decade has passed since the last time there was a Conservative PM. Paul Martin, the former PM was fairly gratious in defeat, having become a new member of the opposition party by a margin of some 21 seats in the House of Commons. It was a brutal fight according to most accounts. Harper was able to out point the Liberal Party's Martin in the end.

I rather enjoyed watching the CSPAN coverage of the election results. I had previously posted about the pre-election poll results which showed the Conservative Party leading comfortably. Well, just like in the states, the pundits took to heart the poll numbers only to be disappointed (or elated depending upon their political affiliation).

The Conservative party will lead a new minority government with 124 seats, followed by the Liberal Party with 103 seats, followed by Bloc Quebecios with 51, the New Democrat party (NDP) with 29. Or if you prefer, you can find a colorful graph revealing the results here.

There was also an Independent candidate that won a seat in Parliment. I heard on CBC that this was "historic." I haven't found any articles to help expand upon this line of commentary. (If any Canadian visitors have any information I'd appreciate the correction and/or update.)

It must be somewhat disheartening to be Stephen Harper and a member of the Conservative Party to know that the reason that you won was because the Canadian voters wanted to send a message to Paul Martin and the Liberal Party. (This according to those citizens that I watched on CBC in response to questions about who they voted for and why.) Maybe next time the Liberal Party will avoid future scandals.

From my perspective, it appears that Harper will not be sending troops to Iraq, despite his support for the invasion of Iraq. What of those taxcuts...which party plan will win a majority of votes in the new coalition government? The NDP just might have a role to play. I will have to pay attention to see what becomes of Medicare and for-profit-coverage.

One last question. Will there be another election in the next 24 months?

Oh Canada...Oh Canada Part 3
Oh Canada...Oh Canada Part 2
Oh Canada...Oh Canada

Flaunting myself with the words of others.

Not so long ago around early December (I don't remember) I came across some anonymous blogger (and don't remember his name) who wrote about submitting his blog for review to the Bloggy Award people and how he recieved a notice rejecting his site. In short, they told him that his blog was a dime a dozen. And they weren't going to write a review for their blog.

Well, occasional glutton for punishment that I can be, I decided to submit my blog to the folks at Bloggy Award. I figured that I could turn the criticism into a positive. I can take it. I'll use it to make my blog better and increase my viewership. Even if that means using color and having to toss out the double-entendre in my banner for something else.

Well, I went back to Bloggy Award to look around. Maybe they were just busy and hadn't gotten around to sending me my notice offering their condolences. Well, I'm scrolling through the reviews when I came upon their review of my blog. (It can also be found on the sidebar.)

When I scrolled down and saw my blog I was just happy enough to know that complete strangers had taken the time to offer a review of my blog. I started reading their review, I found myself grinning like the Cheshire cat, and then it happened. I hurt my arm...

You see, I wasn't feeling at all modest and started to pat myself on the back when this sharp pain shot through my elbow and into my hand. It is a good thing I was using my "right" arm.

I had planned on typing up a few choice words about Bush and his speech at the University of Kansas, but that will have to wait until after I heal from my injury. I should be all better by tomorrow.

If you think that the folks at Bloggy Award are just blowing smoke, I want to hear from you. If you think that they are just being nice, I want to hear about that too! What say you?


The K-Street Project

The K-Street Project

I have serious reservations about the Republican's legislative proposal for lobbying reform which closes one loophole while opening yet another. Remember, this is the part that created the K-Street Project with the single minded goal of tranforming Washington DC into a Republican Party utopia where the Republican leadership would reward those corporations and lobbyist that hired loyal Republicans, donated to Republicans while disavowing their association with Democrats.

Here to is another one of those moments that the Democrats have a winning hand that I fear they eventually will fold rather than calling yet another Republican bluff.

Poker (F)Aces

Poker (F)Aces

The Democrats would make the worst poker players. They have been dealt a series of winning hands against the Republicans that they have failed to capitalize upon. Winning hands that the Democrats end up losing their shirts, starting with the most recent, Jack Abramoff. The Republican Party were quick to associate Abramoff with the Democrats despite the fact that Abramoff never gave a dime to Democrats. Who actually could believe that the K-Street Project supported Democrats through campaign contributions is in need of assistance.

Then there was/is Abu Ghraib, Tom DeLay, Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), Scooter Libby (pdf), Harriet Miers nomination (and the party position that "We believe that every judicial nominee deserves an up-or-down vote." you said it Karl Rove), The Plame Affair, and Armstrong William (Bush's private propagandist).

Undoubtedly there are still more instances that I haven't mentioned. In the end, the Democrats are a party of Jackasses being led around.


Books: women who read them and women who write them:

A Million Little Pieces

I can't believe that Oprah had to go on national television to defend the author James Frey for his biography, turned in to his sort-of-kinda memoir. And then there are the worse kind of women. Or was that...

Women Who Make the World Worse

I must say that it is refreshing to learn that the only women that are making the world worse don't share her ideological beliefs. In fairness, I offer the viewer the chance to read a review Of Mrs. O'Breine book. But please be advised, you are likely to be exposed to the reviewer's bias.


Oh Canada...Oh Canada Part 3

Oh Canada...Oh Canada Part 3

The final days of the January 23rd election has become a down and dirty fight. The Conservative Party looks to take control of Parliment and reward Stephen Harper with the title of Prime Minister should the numbers hold up.

The Liberal party and the New Democrat Party appear to be at odds over the direction of the country. Paul Martin has taken to attacking Jack Layton. It looks like things are going from bad to worse for the Liberal Party. To say nothing of dwindling support of Bloc Quebecios according to the views of Stephen Harper.

In the balance is whether or not the Conservatives will alter Medicare to allow for the growth of for-profit-healthcare. I have to wonder just how important Candians view Medicare. It might not be the sacred cow as some articles would indicate.

And of course, there is the role of Canada on the international stage. Will Stephen Harper send Canadian troops to Iraq as Prime Minister? Will Canada become another cheerleader ally for the Bush administration? (I was gonna say lap-dog, but that honor was already bestowed upon Tony Blair.)

Needless to say, there is scant coverage of the Canadian election in the states. Oh sure there is an article here and an article there in print media. But there isn't much coverage by the big three 24 hour news channels (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) on the pending election and any potential outcome.

Of course I can only imagine the news coverage should the Conservative Party win. In the US the Republicans will interpret the election as evidence that the Bush administration and the conservative ideas of the Republican Party are supported by the Canadian people. This no doubt will include his invasion of Iraq when one considers previous comments of Stephen Harper.

I already have a few ideas about future cartoons. Any suggestions?

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Freedom from the press

Freedom from the press

It started with another leaked memo from the office of Prime Minister Tony Blair last November. Of course, Tony Blair dismissed the intial reports as a "conspiracy theory." The leakers, a Labor MP and an aide initially leaked the memo back in October 2004 to a British expatriate and member of the DNC with the hopes of influencing the 2004 election. Needless to say that didn't happen.

So we fast forward to November 2005. The Daily Mirror reports about the leaked memo and and that is when things started to get interesting. Now you have the blindsided Bush White House in denial mode called the allegations contained in the report as "outlandish". And we all know what happened next. The "outlandish" allegations were so serious the Labor MP and his aide have a trial date for leaking a secret memo and creating an "outlandish" "conspiracy theory."

Of course, it doesn't end here, or there. Apparently Al Jazeera wants to have a chat with Tony Blair. Apparently Al Jazeera has decided to hire an attorney for access to the transcripts of the Bush Blair meeting.

I can't help wonder if Bush was motivated to bomb Al Jazeera in Qatar after the (successful?) bombing of the Baghdad station in April 2003, and the bombing of the Palestine Hotel in some way motivated Bush to bomb Al Jazeera in Qatar? For those interested, the names of the dead journalists can be found here along with the names of the others that have died while covering the war in Iraq.


Farris Hassan's Dayoff

Farris Hassan's Dayoff

If there ever was a television news story that deserved to be made into a movie based loosely on a true story, (or was that James Frey's A Million Little Pieces) it has to be about Harris Fassan's Dayoff. The plot is rather simple, you have a 16 year old student who decides to start his Christmas vacation a week earlier than everyone else in school to embark upon an unbelievable trip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Baghdad, Iraq via Beruit to check out the December 16th elections.

I'd like to thank Tex MacRae from Unfairwitness for providing me with the background information that prompted the cartoons. And of course Harris Fassan for having bravado to lie to the MSM (who doesn't question anyone or anything these days until it is too late) about taking a trip to Baghdad without the knowledged of your parents.

Surely a student in an "immersion journalism" class would realize that the real story would eventually come to light.

Classroom Attendance

Classroom Attendance

After the first cartoon, I just had to draw the second one.


Big Brother is watching

Big Brother is watching

I wanted to congratulate those supporters of the Bush administration's "war on terrorism." By giving your support to Bush your are encouraging the terrorists because they see that through your actions, or more correctly put, your inaction you are allowing them to succeed in their goal of changing the way we live in the United States.

As Bob Dylan sang, The times they are a-changing...

It is the Bush supporter that believes in that the 4th Amendment is worth sacraficing in the war on terrorism. First we learned that phone calls were being illegally wiretapped and the Bush supporters nodded in agreement.

Then it was learned that the NSA is spying on antiwar protestors. And once again the Bush supporters nodded in agreement.

I the latest example of the governments disregard for the 4th Amnendment we learn that the Department of Homeland Security is now opening the mail of private citizens without a warrant. I have little doubt that Bush supporters will be found nodding in agreement.

Will Bush supporters be found nodding in agreement when the government shows its disregard for the 2nd Amendment? Or will those like me who are opposed to the government's current (growing) contempt for the 4th Amendment have a plethora of new allies interested in protecting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?


The many faces of Judge Alito

The many faces of Judge Alito

Judge Alito is a judicial activist. His refusal to respond to answer questions about his personal beliefs for fear of biasing any cases that may come before him in the future. And here I was lead to believe by Bush and Alito himself that he would not employ his personal beliefs when ajudicating.

Then when pressed on statements and his written opinions he charges that the opinions and decisions were not his own, but those made on behalf of his duty as a federal prosecutor, a Reagan appointee and quasi member of Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

And speaking of Judge Alito's membership in CAP. I heard Senator Lindsey Graham complain about any negative inference to Judge Alito's association with CAP. Senator Graham said that it is unfair to critize Alito for a "single" essay opposing coeducation and affirmative action that was published in Prospect magazine. Both Graham and Alito said he never saw the article, and certainly never read it.

You learn rather quickly that Judge Alito's story about the ROTC is "suspect." If you read the Daily Princetonian you would discover
By the 1980s, however, ROTC appears to have disappeared as a major issue for both CAP and the University. And by 1985, when Alito listed the group membership on his Justice Department job application, the organization was largely defunct.

Judge Alito is a judicial activist. He will be confirmed by the Senate, 60+/40-. Then the nation will wait with baited breath for that one case that poses a threat to the federally protected right to an abortion. Of course, I wonder if this is really what the Republican Party wants. If a woman's right to an abortion rests upon each state in the union it is clear that the foes of abortion will have 50 seperate fights on its hand. 50 fights it can ill-afford to fight and win.

For the Republican Party the real money is in having abortion rights to kick around, so they can rile up the fundamentalist base. There is no greater weapon for the Republican Party than to point to a Democrat and say, "They believe in on-demand abortions." Or worse, "...Planned Parenthood's true agenda: making millions of dollars by selling sex and killing children." The only people profitting from abortion are politicians and religious fundamentalist.

Seeing the Error of His Ways

Seeing the Error of His Ways

I sure hope that Pat Robertson will stop and think next time before he pisses of the wrong group of people. Pat Robertson has 50 million reasons to apologize to Israel and to Ariel Sharon's son.

Anyone care to take a wild guess as to what Pat Robertson will be praying for for the coming weeks and months. Who will answer his prayers? The Israeli government? Or his God?


War Games (Little Warriors)

War Games (Little Warriors)

Care to comment?
Explicate to your hearts content.
I'd love to read your observation(s).

(update) Murtha Details His Exit Strategy.

History circa 1953

History circa 1953

In the words of George Santayana,
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

When noting the history of the United States it is quite clear that democracies are violent and oppressive despite the words of George Bush that democracies are peaceful nations. Should Iraq develop a government that proves hostile to US overtures you can bet that the US will be looking to reclaim Iraq as a client-state. And Ahmed Chalabi might one day become the US puppet dictator he always wanted to be.


Severed Relations

Severed Relations

A man can tell who his real political friends are when he pleads guilty to the felony crimes of conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion charges in front of two different judges in two different courtrooms. Real friends keep the money that you gave them, or helped raise for them. The fakes and fraudulent relationships are always revealed when the campaign cash you helped raise finds its way into the coffers of non-profit organizations.

It is pretty clear that Abramoff's ties that once bound him to the powerful and the well connected are severed. I can't help wonder is his sentence reductions are based upon the number of future defendants he serves up to federal prosecutors. Or is he is looking to go big, Texas-style and reveal just a few heavy hitters of the Republican Party to maximize his sentence reduction as a part of his plea agreement? I suppose that only time will tell.

I must confess that I am bothered by one small problem though. Will Abramoff be accused of "hating" the Republican Party because he might just well be the lynch-pin that brings the Republican revolution to a spectacular end?

Part Deux

Part Deux

Well, Tom DeLay is out as the Republican leader in the House. He tried to have the case in Texas thrown out of court, and have the trial date sped up because the "innocent man" that he is (he could be), is hoping that he will be aquitted (and he could be) in hopes of avoiding any potential impact on his re-election plans for 2006.

It looks like the fun is only beginning for Tom DeLay. If it wasn't bad enough that he stepped down from his leadership position within the party you can bet he'll be looking over his shoulder when Jack Abramoff starts dropping dimes on all his old associates.

What are the chances that Abramoff drops the dime on DeLay? Is it possible that these two could end up as roomies in a federal prison of a federal prosecutors choice? Out of Delay and Abramoff, which one has the greater chance of becoming the cellblock "bitch?"


Oh Canada...Oh Canada...Part 2

Oh Canada...Oh Canada...Part 2

I had planned on posting a couple of cartoons with elephants but that fell through after I started watching the Canadian Party Leaders' debate on C-SPAN 2.

For those of you that missed the live C-SPAN coverage there will be another debate tonight at 8 pm Eastern time. The second debate will be in French and Gille Duceppe will surely be less encumbered speaking his native tongue. Who is Gille Duceppe you ask? He is the leader of Bloc Quebecois Party, representing the province of Quebec. (Free Quebec!)

Gilles represents the smallest of the four major parties in Canada. Yes, that's right four parties. They have a parlimentary system similar to that of Great Britian. The other party leaders present in the debate were Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party, Paul Martin of the Liberal Party, the current Prime Minister and the forth member of the quartet is Jack Layton leader of the New Democrat Party (NDP). (In Oh Canada...Oh Canada... I covered a few party basics.)

Now then back to the debates. Let me say that there are some definate similarities between Canadian debates and US debates. A quick example would be watching candidates respond with answers that completely ignore the question(s) being asked. This is a universal debate tactic, no doubt. For me the glaring difference between debates I watch in the US as contrasted to that of Canada would be the moderators.

Steve Paikin of TV Ontario was marvelous. He was definately in control. He had no problem cutting off those that spoke over their allotted times. Oh to see such a controlled US presidential debate would be refreshing. Jim Lehrer from PBS only has two candiates to contend with while Steve Paikin kept order with four candidates. (The candiates actually following the rules they agreed upon didn't hurt either.)

Over the course of the debate I thought about how these various party representatives would fit into either the Republican and Democrat parties. Starting with the obvious choice your'd think the Conservative Party member, would be a Republicans. It was my first inclination. But that wouldn't work because guys like Stephen Harper have socialist leanings that would have them run out of the party. Guys like Harper would be Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) Democrats who would vote the Republican Party line.

Then there is the current Prime Minister Paul Martin. He too would be a DLC Democrat. Not as "conservative" as Harper or Zell Miller, but not liberal enough to be the old fashioned Democratic National Committee (DNC) Democrat. He'd probably be in the leadership, while Jack Layton might flourish in the DNC and never attain leadership status. Layton would be a team player who on occassion spoke out of turn to the dismay of the party hierarchy.

Last but not least is Gilles Duceppe. This Quebec'r would not fit within the confines of the two party system here in the US. Mr. Duceppe would be marginalized in the US. A third party candidate in the extreme. His pro gay rights beliefs would have heterosexual Republicans up in arms. The in-the-closet Republicans would lead the opposition against poor Duceppe while secretly harboring their sexual attraction to him.

I just want to take a moment to thank Sarah over at Sarahspace for directing my attention to my neighbors of the Great White North eh, and the wonders of their political machinations.

(I updated the acronyms.)


Preacher Man

Preacher Man

While I haven't addressed all of the instances of Pat Robertson inserting his foot into his mouth, there are a few that I did cover.
A Just God
These Will Do

Creationism's Evolution

Creationism's Evolution

This is the latest in a growing collection of cartoons about Evolution and Intelligent Design. (In reverse chronological order.)

De-Evolution (A close second)
Square Peg (This is my favorite.)
I.D Meets T-Rex
Science v Intelligent Design


Flight of the Chicken Hawk

Flight of the Chicken Hawk

Pick your favorite chicken hawk...and run with it!

George and Anna

George and Anna

At first I had no intention of addressing the whole George and Anna relationship. I mean what in the hell would possess a opponent of activists courts and proponent of states rights be at all interested in submitting a legal brief in support of the federal court ruling on Anna Nicole Smith's case before the Supreme Court that would make her a very wealthy woman. What is Bush's motivation?

Well, I don't want to spread unfounded rumors, (amongst the few) but what if Bush and Anna go way back. Is it possible that they knew each other before he was the President of the United States?

It is common knowledge that Bush on at least one occasion lived in Houston Texas. The same could be said of Anna Nicole. She lived in Texas and worked as a stripper if I am not mistaken. The possibility exists that these two met each other before he turned 40, got religion and enter politics. I know that Texas is a big state and all...but it is possible.

So, like I was saying, what does a opponent of activists courts and proponent of states rights care about this case? Is there any connection that has yet to surface between the two? Is the president simply helping out a fellow big breasted Texan? Or is he helping a fellow big breasted Texan who remembers when she was a not-so big breasted young Texan swinging from the stage pole shaking her money maker? Is there something nefarious going on. Perhaps Anna is calling in her favor that was once promised in a moment of "youthful indiscretion?"

It is possible you know...it is possible...



Helen refers to Helen Thomas, the veteran of White House press briefings. For some reasons Scott McClelland has a difficult time responding to questions posited by Mrs. Thomas. (OK she isn't the only one he avoids.) Often times he prefers to ramble on spouting the party talking points rather than respond directly to questions that challenge the White House preconcieved view that all is well in Iraq despite all those terrorists "that want nothing more than to kill Americans" (and Iraqis) or that the violence in Iraq has returned to pre-election levels and that the US doesn't want others to question how we "mistakenly" dropped a bomb on a house of innocent civilians that only days earlier they swore was a house where the "evil-doers" were holed up.


Faux and Novak

Faux and Novak

After 25 years Robert Novak, the Prince of Darkness has finally crossed over to the Darkside to become a Sith Lord of the Murdoch Empire. Together they will use the Death Star to expand their empire for power and glory.

(cue theme music)
(fade to black)

Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

As I watched Stephen Hayes sell his new book (which I won't advertise) on FAUX News I grabbed paper and pen and started to draw. Where better to initiate one's short lived Flight of Fancy than from a chair in the studio of FAUX News.


24 Hr. News Cycle

24 Hr. News Cycle

I am so grateful to have three 24 hour news channels broadcasting the same inept coverage of what might best be called a tragedy of errors. The "big" three served as a conduit that magnified the hopes of many families that were shattered on live television. Nothing says news like the plantive cries of the suffering.

Now it is onto the the next "big" story. Did you hear, Ariel Sharon has had another stroke...the death watch has already started.


I support the PLO.

As a member of the PLO (Professing my Liberal Opinion) it is my duty to help those lost, wayward liberals who now hide behind the politically correct label of "progressives" while trying to blend into society at the expense of their liberal self. The PLO wants these liberals to stop hiding in the closet. Now is the time to come out to the world and be accepted for who you really are. Stand and be proud.

PLO members believe in confronting the lies and distortions of the those individuals that show themselves disloyal to the Constitution of the United States.

PLO members believe that the 4th Amendment needs to be preserved for the sake of all the other Amendments found in the Bill of Rights.

The PLO exists as a reminder that words like those of the PLO are protected by the 1st Amendment.

I'd like to take this time to acknowledge the nameless student from Elk Grove High School and the FBI, for the indispensible roles that they played in the generating of this post, for without them it would not have been possible.


What are they fighting for?(Tank Talk) with: My New Year's Resolution

Tank Talk

My New Year’s Resolution

I am the last person to make New Year’s Resolutions. I usually scoff at others who make resolutions every year that will, for whatever reason never be realized. Perhaps people resolve to do too much. My resolution has nothing to do with losing weight, eating right, or wanting to exercise more often. Nor does it involve having to give up smoking, drinking or sex. My resolution is quite easy, almost to easy.

My New Year’s Resolution 2006:

I resolve to point out to the supporters of George Bush, (be they Republican, Democrat or whatever) that they have surrendered to Osama bin Laden and his band of al Qaeda terrorists. After all it is the supporters of Bush that praise him when he violates the U.S. Constitution, and treaty obligations by calling it a necessary step to protect the country.

Only those interested in appeasing the terrorists who struck on September 11th would support fighting the “war” on terrorism by allowing the Constitution and the freedoms that soldiers are supposedly dying to protect in Iraq to slowly diminish. These are hardly the actions of people who profess their “undying” support for the troops.

I will now refer to these supporters of President George Bush as traitors who are complicit in committing acts of treason against our nation as they help fulfill bin Laden’s wishes of making the U.S. a nation that is less open, less tolerant, more restrictive, and less free. These enemies of the state are enamored with a leader who sees him self above the law and willing to enact restrictions that he deems in the nations best interest regardless of its constitution, history or legal precedence.

Those people that support or condone torture will be viewed through the same narrow prism. They too are traitors willing to aid and abet the enemy in the “war” on terror by destroying the very fabric of our society.

It is time that “liberals” stop running from the word “liberal” like it is a contagious disease. Everyone knows that “progressives” are really liberals that have allowed others to stigmatize and shame them just for who they are.

It is time for liberals to take a stand and reclaim the word liberal as a badge of honor. One way to remove the stigma is to start referring to liberals as “Liberals” rather than the politically correct term of progressives. Liberals need to take to heart a lesson taught by blacks that embraced the word nigger and took away the racist stigma. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the dykes of Dykes on Bikes, who took dyke away from the bigots and homophobes.

Perhaps Howard Dean and the DNC will awaken from their “progressive” slumber to take back the word liberal from the political zealots who need regressive progressives to help spread their desire to surrender, and to appease the terrorists that want to kill us and take away our way of life.

That said; I want to wish others well in fulfilling their New Year’s Resolution(s).

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.