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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

We want to get a sense of your thoughts on the results of the Mid-term election. Please fill out the survey below. By providing us your email, we will be able to send you the results once they are tallied. In 6 months, we will ask for your input again to see how you think the new Congress is doing.

Now, with a Republican majority in the house:

Do you believe the newly elected members will try to repeal the Obamacare bill?

Don't Care

What's your most important item you want Congress to address?

Cut Taxes
Cut Spending
Get the Economy Going

Do you think the Republicans will pay attention to the legislative processes and procedures of the House of Representatives (Read the Bill, 72-hour rule):


Do you foresee the Republicans compromising with the Democrats?


Do you think the newly elected members will keep their campaign promises?

Very Likely
Somewhat Likely
Very Unlikely

Do you believe President Obama will shift to the center?

Very Likely
Somewhat Likely
Very Unlikely

In regard to the Stimulus Law, do you want the Republicans to:

Work to Repeal the Law
Cooperate with Democrats on Revising the Law
Leave the Law as it is

In regard to the bailouts, do you want the Republicans to:

Defund the Bailouts
Repeal the Bailouts
Leave the Bailouts as they are

Should the Tea Party work to become a viable 3rd party if the Republicans fail to push for the things the Tea Party patriots want?

I hope not

Who would you like to see run on the 2012 Presidential ballot?

Newt Gingrich
Sarah Palin
Rand Paul
Marco Rubio

If you answered "other", please provide their name below:

This unscientific poll was brought to you by: The Patriot Update.

I hope they send me the results so I can post those as well.


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