Eating your own to survive after only 100 days in the wilderness

Not long after the "Republican Revolution" in the 1990's it was the refrain of Republicans and the supporters to talk of the demise of the DNC. The DNC loss of majorities in the house and senate were hailed as milestones for the RNC and the beginning of the end of the DNC.

Well, two decades later, there has been a shift. The DNC once again holds majorities in the house and the senate, there is a black man in the White House and the Republicans are in apoplectic shock. And in what I would consider knee-jerk fashion, the Republicans elected a black man to head their national party and summarily took away his ability to spend money as if he was Marion Barry looking for a crack fix.

We have seen over promoted and under attended "tea-bagging" parties promoted (sponsored) by Fox News. A sure sign of a grass roots movement if there ever was. After Obama's first 100 days in office we have all borne witness to the fratracide within the Republican party. And I ain't talking about Arlen Specter leaving party in hopes of running unopposed as a major party candidate. (I think Specter and the DNC is in for some Pennsylvania primary fireworks in 2010.)

We have the former VP trouncing members of his party while promoting radio hosts over a combat veteran of a war that neither the former VP or the radio host had the temerity to fight. And the same VP appears more interested in his reputation than that of his party. Yeah, defend the VP as if he has some sterling reputation. I wonder how the the former VP would withstand being waterboarded by a former Navy Seal turned wrestler, turned governor? The VP would probably confess to killing Sharon Tate?

And speaking of waterboarding, I believe that Charles Grodin may have found the man to waterboard a certain loudmouth of Fox News all in the name of a good charity! Can't wait to see what happens the next time he visits. Something tells me that the subject of waterboarding and a certain charity will be off limits.

So, the "party of no" is finding that slowly their members are starting to vote yea against the party dogma. And in what can only be described as shear idiocy, the party of no is looking to reinforce their name, their particular branding by jumping in with both feet to relabel the DNC. Rather than looking inward, the RNC looks outward and tries to create their own alternative reality where Fox News is fair and balanced and that moderates within the RNC are nothing more than donkeys in elephant costumes. Because to be a real Republican is to hold the ideals of conservatives from the south, regardless of where one lives.

While I don't think that the RNC is dead as once was prescribed of the DNC, I do believe that it would be most ironic to watch the party that replaced the Whig party found themselves going the way of the Whigs.

If there was no crying in baseball, would there be no irony in politics?


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