Waiting to exhale, after the Vice Presidential Debate

When I was a child the anticipation of Christmas morning was almost unbearable. I can only imagine the frustration of my mother who waited for me to fall asleep so she could play Santa Clause. I had that same anticipation preceding my first kiss. It was there on that day that I gave away my virginity.

And now, this Thursday at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time, I wait with that same anticipation for the pending Vice Presidential debate between Democratic party nominee Joseph Biden and Republican Party nominee Sarah Palin. And in all honesty, I almost feel a little dirty because my anticipation, my motivation for watching is as prurient as watching the Indy 500 waiting for a traffic accident.

I know, it is horrible of me. I want to watch because I can't wait to see if Sarah Palin will crash going into the third turn. I wonder will she be able to overcome the intense pressure and media spotlight on every word that she speaks. Think about this: every word she utters holds the potential of being comic fodder for the caustic comedic wit of Tina Fey.

How many times can you watch the Saturday Night Live skits about Palin before they are no longer funny? I know that I should not look, but I just can't help myself. I feel like I am rubber necking on the highway slowing traffic hoping that the traffic jam up ahead is something more ghastly than a driver getting a speeding ticket.

I confess that in those moments, where I look hoping to see the carnage on the side of the road that I don't really want to see the aftermath of death and destruction. And in all fairness to Palin, I don't really want to see her look like an accident victim on the stage with Joe Biden looking like a moose in the headlights about to be struck down.

Of course, I will watch...it is a guilty pleasure...and the anticipation is once again almost unbearable!

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