A Question of Leadership: A contrast of styles

When McCain was telling a crowd of supporters that the fundamentals of the American economy is strong the DOW was tanking. Following the 500 point drop both presidential candidates came out swinging. Now is as good a time as any to demonstrate what they would do if they were the president. What transpired was the difference between night and day.

To address the crisis that has befallen the stock market we have two very different responses. Obama came out with a six point plan to address the situation. In contrast, McCain demonstrated his leadership skills by calling not for some immediate action, he called for a 9/11 like commission.

Now, in comparison, we have one candidate that offers up a plan. The second offers up a plan to let others decide the best way to solve the problem. Yeah, commissions by their very nature aren't very expedient. So, McCain's "plan" of letting other plan a solution to the problem will be great once we have weathered the storm and all that it entails.

So I am struck by the thought as to what type of leader either candidate would be in a moment of crisis. And in doing so, I have to admit it gave me the chance to reflect. This moment calls into question which candidate is best suited for answering the call at 3 am. Clearly Obama has shown that he thinks on his feet, whereas McCain thinks best when a commission does it for him.


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