A challenge for my fellow pedicabbers (and non-pedicabbers)

I wanted to offer a challenge to my fellow pedicab drivers. You can think of it as the ultimate karma ride and you don't even have to turn a single pedal stroke. What is it? I want to challenge you all to donate a pint of blood, plasma or donate platelets.

I started out donating whole blood when I was in my late 20's to my local blood center, the Central California Blood Center. I was first motivate to donate because a family friend was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 6. After donating over 6 gallons (yes, 6 gallons) of whole blood over the years (I have met others who have surpassed 6 gallons) I was told about Platelet Apheresis, the process of donating platelets.

Well, it has been several years since my first apheresis donation. And there is one question that I am asked most often, and that is how much do I get paid. Well folks, I don't get paid. I give of myself freely and in return I receive the occasional free t-shirt, or a coupon to Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. I even have a few plastic displays that proclaim just how much of this (blood) or that (platelets) I have donated over the years.

So, once again I challenge all my fellow pedicab drivers, to donate whole blood, plasma or platelets. When you donate you give the "gift of life." If you are willing to take up this challenge you should consider registering with the National Marrow Donor Program. Here is one more interesting fact for those that aren't aware, "only 5 percent of the eligible population of blood donors actually gives blood."

What I'd like to find out is, how many of those that donate regularly ride a pedicab?

I'd like to extend this challenge to anyone and everyone that reads my blog to go out and donate!

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