The Call at 3 AM

I was watching the news, and Hillary was talking about her victories in Rhode Island and Ohio. Her first victories after losing 12 states in a row to Obama. She was on the stump throughout her "victory" speech while in Ohio. Hillary began touting her commercial and her argument that Obama doesn't have the experience necessary to take the call at 3 am. To Hillary's way of thinking, she has the experience (most of it her husband's) to answer the "red phone" if there were an emergency at 3 in the morning.

Now, as she spoke I got to thinking about if Hillary does become the Democratic Party presidential nominee and faces John McCain in a presidential debate. I started to wonder about the intellectual honesty of Hillary Clinton. Imagine that while in a debate with McCain the moderator asks Hillary Clinton:
"During the Democratic Primary you ran a commercial that accused Barack Obama of lacking the experience it takes to respond in a moment of crisis should the call come in at 3 am. Now, your opponent is a former POW, a decorated military man who has served his country for the better part of 30 years. If the phone rings at 3 am, do you still want the person in this debate with the most experience to take that call? And is that person you?"

If Hillary Clinton is "intellectually honest," then she would have to defer to John McCain. Let's face it, if you want the person answering the phone at 3 am to have the most experience, then McCain wins hands down against either Democratic Party candidate.

It was funny that Bill Bennett said on CNN that McCain would be able to use the Hillary "3 am" commercial against Obama by changing the ending that showed McCain answering the phone. Bennett was right. But Bennett was also short-sighted. McCain will be able to take Hillary's vaunted commercial and use it against her. And she won't have her experience to stand on.

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