All Wet (aka: Getting Hosed)

So this cartoon wasn't posted after it was drawn. Truth be told, I drew this cartoon twice. In the first rendition Pelosi looked more like an angry old man in drag. Of course, there are those that thought that such a representation of Pelosi was preferable. As the artist I had to go with something that I was more comfortable with. I can always draw (get it?) upon the experience in the future should she develop an overly mannish appearance.

I suppose that the people getting hosed are really the US soldiers that are left to fight and die in Iraq. If I were truly a gifted cartoonist I would have included them in the cartoon, perhaps under the feet of the elephant. This cartoon was definitely more prescient a week ago than it is today, but I liked the image and those that I talked with about the cartoon really liked the imagery so with all deliberate hesitation I give to you, All Wet (aka: Getting Hosed).

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