The legacy of Bush.

Bush is always talking about his impact and his legacy as the President of the United States being decided by historians. Of course, this is not what Bush meant when he made his comment,
"My attitude is, if they're still writing about (number) one, 43 doesn't need to worry about it."

Now, I am no fan of George Bush and his presidency. In fact, I have been opposed to virtually every idea that Bush has proposed from his tax cuts for the wealthy to the invasion (and occupation) of Iraq.

As a critic of this president I can say that there are two distinct areas that George Bush's presidency has had a positive impact on a historical level. The first would be the oil industry. Before the invasion of Iraq the cost of a barrel of oil was nearer to $25.00 than it was $65.00. (And it looks like gas prices aren't going to decrease anytime soon.)

And the second would be that of the military industrial complex. The warning of Eisenhower about the military industrial complex (and the lessons of the Vietnam War) have gone unheeded. The forewarning from Eisenhower and the experience of Vietnam were lessons that the current president and the members of his administration have ignored to the peril of US service personnel and Iraqi civilians. If not the world.

There are some issues that I can't reduce to a simple cartoon image.

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Blogger historymike said...

Add to the above the fact that Bush and his emphasis on unliateral, "pre-emptive," and go-it-alone policies has polarized much of the world against the U.S.

5/27/2007 5:41 AM  

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