Hillary's Only Hope

The Democratic Primary process is proving that Hillary Clinton doesn't believe that the rules apply to her (or her husband). It is pretty clear that she believes that she is owed the party nomination. And after listening to Terry McAuliffe speak on Tuesday, he was pretty confident that the delegates from Florida and Michigan were going to be seated and that Hillary would be the beneficiary.

And I can't help think that the only the way that Hillary can win the nomination is if the May 31 meeting on the DNC that the of the 30 members, those loyal to the DLC will secure her nomination on that day and deprive Obama of what he has to this date earned.

And should the Rules Committee decide to change the rules at the expense of the other 48 states to favor Clinton this is one independent voter who will be voting Libertarian or possibly Green party. Oh wait. I won't vote for Ralph Nader either.

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