Call me when it's Wednesday.

I vote by absentee ballot. And I sent my ballot in nearly 2 weeks ago. For the first couple of days after sending of my ballot I watched some news where members of the pundit-ocracy talked about the election; where they play a clip of this candidate or that and then spend the next five minutes trying to explain what was just said. I guess the pundit-ocracy doesn't believe that the viewing public has the ability to understand first hand what a candidate says and thinks.

For the last three days I have avoided watching any of the news shows. I can't take anymore of the pundit-ocracy telling me what I should think about what they think about what a candidate thinks.

And I can't take listening to John McCain for one more minute. When I see John McCain I can't help think of the goblin bankers in the first Harry Potter movie.

I voted for Barack Obama. And against a slew of ballot propositions. I am hopeful that Obama will cement the legacy of John McCain the maverick, for having lost to the first African American president of the United States of America.

After the election maybe the country can finally do away with the antiquated electoral college.


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