Pedicab Drivers Become CPR Accredited

Fresno, CA (June 18, 2008) – Shuttlebugz, the environmentally-friendly pedicab service, had some of its drivers take a training course last night to become accredited in CPR.

Jeff Gerlitz, a shuttlebugz driver, led the course. He has been CPR accredited for more than 25 years, and has been teaching it for 20.

Gerlitz said that shuttlebugz are around for more than just getting people to their destinations.

“They’re also security, they’re also parking, they’re also keeping an eye on the neighborhood,” Gerlitz said. “Now they just have another skill that if somebody’s in need they can jump right in and help them.”

Jeff Macdonald, operations manager for shuttlebugz, has been with the company practically since it began. Last night was his first time going through a CPR course. He said that he would now look at his job a little differently.

“It gives me a different perspective on riding a pedicab, that’s for darn sure,” Macdonald said. “I’m going to look at situations very differently now.”

Shuttlebugz owner Joe Burke also took part in the class. He is a former safety officer for the USDA, and was getting re-certified in CPR.

“We’re always more sets of eyes when it comes to security in general,” Burke said, “and we are going to be first responders now that we have the CPR training and certification.”

July 4th will mark the second anniversary for shuttlebugz. The business currently has a fleet of eight cabs, along with 16 drivers. It serves downtown Fresno, including Chukchansi Park and Fresno Convention Center events, Fresno’s Tower District, and parties and special events. Shuttlebugz were in operation at last weekend’s air show at Chandler Executive Airport, and will also be available at the “Thunder in the Park” motorcycle run in July.

Burke has recently been in talks with Hanford officials about the possibility of having shuttlebugz in the city. The pedicab company recently did a test run at a celebration in Hanford, and will do a few more runs prior to a big event there in October.

Burke said during the training that he was impressed with Gerlitz’s teaching skills.

“I think he’s been doing a great job,” Burke said, “and I’m especially proud of my drivers, because they’re really participating and they’re serious about this, and I can see they’re all learning a lot.”

You can watch the video interviews if you follow this link.