The Republican push for Sharia Law continues...

The State of Tennessee is home to the latest group of Republicans seeking to impose their particular brand of Sharia law in the United States of America and the members of the right-wing pundit-ocracy remain vigilant in the silence.

According to media reports, Republicans are proposing legislation that would prohibit Tennessee school teachers from mentioning or discussion homosexuality in classrooms across the state.

In what appears to be a wild turn from the preventing the teaching of human sexuality in classrooms, the Republicans in the state are now in favor of having teachers and educators from Kindergarden to middle school preach the gospel of heterosexual sexual relationships while refraining from mentioning the existence of homosexual sexual relationships.

This is another example of how the Republicans are interested in oppressing gay/homosexuals with the same zeal and vigor to bring the Republican party's idea of Sharia law to the United States.


The Republican Party supports Sharia Law

During the last election it wasn't odd to hear the worrisome cries of Tea Party Republicans about the pending threat of Sharia Law being forced upon Americans. In fact, in a couple states, the Republican legislative bodies in Oklahoma, Georgia, Nebraska and Wyoming (to name a few) passed anti-Sharia law statues. Arizona went as far as to outlaw Karma.

Well, it turns out that people like Frank Gaffney and Sarah Palin were right about Sharia Law coming to the US. Unfortunately the real impact of Sharia Law is being seen in the United States, and it isn't through the actions of Muslim extremists or liberals. Nope, Sharia Law is a live and well thanks to the actions of the Republican party. And I don't hear a word of fear or criticism coming from conservatives.

Since the beginning of the new year Republican in South Dakota have proposed legislation that would justify honor killings and sanction the killing of abortion providers.

In the US House of Representatives, Republicans seek to oppress women by eliminating tax deductions for private insurance plans that cover abortions.

Then the Republicans decided that it was in their best interest to alter the legal definition of rape in an effort to prevent women from obtaining an abortion.

And most recently the Republicans voted on legislation designed to prevent women from receiving medical assistance from birth control to pap smears by prohibiting the federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

Sharia Law is all about controlling the lives of women and making them second class citizens. And through these legislative actions, the Republicans are seeking to control women and subjugate them as second class citizens by denying them their legal rights.

It never ceases to amaze me how Republicans are against big government and it's reach into our everyday lives. Except when it comes to a woman's reproductive rights and a woman's right to chose. When it comes to women, Republicans support big government reaching into a woman's private life to grab hold of her uterus in ways they would never allow when it comes to the government grabbing 30 round magazines from guns like that used by Jarrod Laughtner.

And Republicans hold homosexuals in the same regard as Sharia law and point to their bible as evidence and justification for their oppression of gay people and by denying them the right to marry.

Yes, Sharia Law has come to the United States. And it is being introduced by the very people who warned us that it was coming to our nation. Looks like the Republican party wasn't warning us about outside influences, they were warning us about the enemy from within.