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Can you explain what exactly the Republicans settled for as a part of this "bipartisan agreement?" You actually believe that they would not vote to extend unemployment benefits? (They realized that you and the Democratic Party's fear of tax increases exceeded their fear of not extending unemployment benefits.)

Sorry, but this is yet another example of you caving to the Republicans rather than fighting for what you believe in. Why didn't you demand that the members of your party take a vote on extending tax cuts for those making $250,000.00 or less before the November election? It is rather strange that you put more time and energy motivating the Republicans to not vote than you do the members of the party that you lead.

And quite frankly I have to wonder just how much damage would be done to the economy by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. Everyone keeps talking about how tax cuts are the only way to create jobs. Really? If tax cuts were the end all be all that you and the Republicans keep saying, why then did the Bush tax cuts fail to create jobs? And why aren't those very tax cuts creating jobs in this economy?

Yeah, I notice that you don't want to respond to what I consider the weakness of the tax cuts create jobs canard. Of course, the tax increases that took place under Clinton's tenure seems to indicate that in an economic downturn raising taxes creates jobs and wealth. Oh wait this is the worst recession since the depression, how could I forget.

According to Bernanke, even with tax cuts the unemployment rate won't decrease, and it won't create jobs for 4 or 5 years. So explain how the alternative of letting the tax cuts expire will slow down any recovery that will take another 5 years?

You bailed out the banks, promising that this would turn around the economy. You promised that the Recovery Act would create jobs, and it didn't. Now you say that this deal with Republicans will create jobs. Really? Or is it more of the same. Every legislative action taken to create jobs has failed to create jobs, and has only empowered the banks and the financial industry. Just like when Bush was president, and just like when you are the president, the divide between the rich and the middle class has grown ever wider. (And they call you a liberal, a socialist!

Sorry President Obama, you made promises that you have repeatedly caved on, from the public option, to DADT, to not extending the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000.00. If you gave up fighting this year, why should anyone believe that you will fight any harder for repeal in 2012?

Well I guess this "bipartisan agreement" is your last best chance at winning re-election.

My first presidential election was back in 1984. This will be the first presidential election where I will not be voting for a president in 2012 if my options are between you and any Republican.

Change, you President Barack Obama, can believe in.


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