Seeing Pink Elephants

Foley has opted to hide and the best way to hide from the media is to go into rehab. Is there any previous reports of Foley being an alcoholic? It is disturbing to know that Foley hasn't the courage to admit that he is gay and that he is attracted to younger men. I won't call him a pedophile because in Washington DC the age of consent is 16. (And you know damn well that it ain't no accident.) Foley apparently has "issues" and I suppose being from the party of religious hypocrites he should get right with his right-wing god and attend one of those camps where he can get religion and get reprogrammed as a heterosexual man.

Of course the Republican Party has shown that it is the political party that demands accountability from others before demanding it from their own. You know that Foley's proclivities are/were well known. It is ubsurd to think that people didn't know that this was going on. The Republican Party is looking a lot like the Catholic church right about now...everyone does their best to cover-up what is going on until it turns into a cover-your-ass affair. Just look at the Republican leadership like Hastert and Boehner, all they can think about is not being exposed as complicit in the covering up the actions of one of their own. So what is one to do? Call for an investigation...and you can bet that Hastert and Boehner will have reports by the end of October that will find that the party leadership did everything in its power to reign in Foley, the rogue Republican.