I received an email from a former professor regarding the plane crash in the Hudson River. It reveals what REALLY brought the airplane down!

Here's what REALLY brought the airplane down!


The Fascist Israeli Government

This report is the first time I have ever watched on a US news broadcast a serious and compelling view of the Israeli government. Israel has recreated the 21st century equivalent of a Warsaw ghetto. And the US government is in collusion with the Israeli governments actions to oppress, and to kill-off the inhabitants living within the ghetto. (Please allow for the commercial to run.)


What'dya call that thing?

I have always referred to my pedicab as that, a pedicab. Of course there are others who have called my cab a rickshaw. Which is not, in my humble opinion a pedicab. (Many an old veteran of former military endeavors regaled me with tales of catching a ride on the rickshaw somewhere in Asia.) Still others call it a bike taxi, pedal taxi and the pedal cab.

Well, I was recently re-reading a book that some may or may not be familiar with titled, The Quiet American(see pg 11) by Graham Green. (It was made into a movie in 1958 and 2002.) The story takes place in Vietnam. Well, it turns out that in this book, The Quiet American mentions on more than one occasion our favorite human powered three wheel machine of human conveyance, the trishaw.

So the next that I am asked what I call my pedicab, I will reply, "This is my trishaw."

Happy trishaw riding!