The Snow White Effect

When I train drivers to operate pedicab I stress to them the importance of having fun. I explain to them that if they set the bar at having fun when they drive that they will not only have fun but they will make money too. Of course, there are those drivers that climb upon their pedicabs with the sole intent of making money, to hell with the simplistic notions of having fun. If it works for them, so be it. I don’t begrudge those drivers

Well that last sentence isn’t all that true. I do have one caveat. I do begrudge those drivers when they work an event or venue and start bitching and bemoaning the fact that they can’t get any rides, and they aren’t making any money. And then at the end of the night when they are called upon to pay their rental fee the bitching starts all over. I’m sure you have heard it before, especially those drivers that have been around longer than me.

From where I sit in the “cheap seats” these drivers chase away potential fares. I started thinking about the various venues where the drivers interested in making money are always first to start complaining about how they aren’t making any money. And all it takes is one…it spreads like a virus, infecting other drivers and the way they think. The smiles tend to vanish, and what you are left with are drivers with chips on their shoulders and they all want a “break” on their rental fee.

So like I was saying, I started thinking about these drivers and these situation and I came up with my own theory. (Yeah, I know…I know…you have a theory too.) I call it the Snow White effect.

Everyone should be familiar with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Well, in my theory, there are some drivers that take on the characteristics of several of the dwarfs. The first and the most obvious is:

"Grumpy:" Never smiles, scares away potential fares, the last person anyone wants a ride from is the driver that doesn’t look like they are having fun. First to bitch and bemoan. The last person you call when you need a second pedicab.

"Bashful:" Too quiet for their own good. Relies on the kindness of passer-bys rather than soliciting potential fares. Needs encouragement. Usually available when a second cab is needed. Easily swayed to the “Grumpy” side.

"Sleepy:" You guessed it! They are the ones that spend more time on the backseat than the front seat. When roused they can get the job done. Capable of transforming into “Grumpy.”

"Dopey:" Just can’t seem to get it together. One and done. Can talk the talk, but can’t pedal the pedal.

"Happy:" They smile, they are the one’s having a good time and that people remember and look for after the game, after the concert etc. Encourages “Bashful” and “Dopey.“ They are often disliked by “Grumpy.”

“Doc:” An older and wiser “Happy.”

Well, there you have it, The Snow White Effect. I’d classify myself as “Happy.”

Which dwarf are you?

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Moqtada al-Sadr's Surge

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