The Aftermath.

The extreme political rhetoric of the last 2 years comes in large part from the "right" side of the political spectrum. There is serious consequences to be had when it comes to political discourse in this country following the shooting in Arizona.

I see why conservatives are in large part pushing the "he is crazy/insane" defense. As I see their argument, if the shooter is crazy/insane, no one is responsible for his actions. Except the shooter. Well if the shooter is crazy/insane, then by the very definition of the word means that the shooter is not responsible for his actions and was influenced to act by an outside force.

If I were a conservative, I would hope like hell that this kid is sane, because with a sane individual it is easier to ascribe personal responsibility too their motives and actions. If he is insane, it looks like this shooter's motivations can be attributed to whomever he listened to, or followed.

It is being reported that the shooter has an affiliation to a group known as the American Renaissance.

As it pertains to Palin, and the other merchants of right wing misinformation and extreme political vitriol, I can only hope that this is a moment of reflection and a chance to change the tone and tenor of politics. But I fear that this just a chance for them to "reload" and take aim at the "bulls-eye" on their political enemies.


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