Duck and Cover (Bush cutting and running from the truth)

What a week...on Sunday Bill Clinton put Chris Wallace, Faux News whore-caster in his place and called out Faux News as the propaganda wing of the Republican Party. This prompted Roger Ailes attempt to rebuff Clinton by accusing him of attacking all journalists for the way he handled Wallace. The only problem as I can see it with Ailes position is that Wallace isn't a journalist. Nice try Roger.

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) came out and what it revealed that Bush's "stay the course" stategery was nothing more than failed political propaganda. But you already knew that. (Of course, there is still a segment of society (Bush sychophants) that believe that Saddam Hussein was directly connected to 9-11.)

The Democrats held hearings on Capitol Hill this week with a few general that served in Iraq that believe Rumsfeld should resign or be fired. (Where the hell is Trump when you need him.)

On Tuesday it was pretty clear that Bush was feeling mighty uncomfortable during his press conference with Hamid Karzai on Tuesday. The last time I saw Bush squirm that much was during the first presidential debate with John Kerry. You might remember it, that was the night Rove was talking in Bush's ear feeding him answers...it prompting a few unscripted responses to unanswered questions.

And don't even get me started on the Bush administration and the Republican Party's desire to void the US government's treat obligations to the Geneva Conventions. It is most interesting that Bush is concerned about what he calls overly broad or vague language "outrage against humanity" found in the Geneva Conventions.

Remember that Bush is the same individual who speaks in overly broad and vague language as a matter of record. It was Bush that brought us "compassionate conservative," "the bigotry of low expectations," "fuzzy math," too name only a few.

Under Bush the US is becoming more and more a fascist state.

So, how hard is it to apply for Canadian citizenship?



I haven't much to add to the whole spinach/e-coli story...I will say this much: I found it interesting that this close to an election that the story wasn't viewed even for a moment as an act of terrorism.


Ideological Pinata

There are times when I rethink the cartoon now committed to paper, and Ideological Pinata is just such a cartoon. It might make more sense to have Bush in the background pulling the rope attached to the pinata. Then the only problem becomes who should be blindfolded swinging wildly in an effort to strike the pinata.

Any suggestions?


Happy Anniversary

For a moment I pondered waxing eloquent on the political use of 911 and thought better of it. I will say that the freedoms that the Bush administration, the Republican Party and Democratic Party sacrafice today for security, will be forever lost tomorrow.


George's Presidential Lies

Well folks, it is quite amazing how the secret CIA prisons that George Bush was denying the existence of only months earlier (remember when Sen. Durban spoke about the existence of American gulags and was pilloried for it by Republicans and the media?) has now announced that the CIA in fact did have secret prisons (gulags) in several former soviet block nations. Of course, the complicit media isn't concerned with focusing on the lies of this administration so much as the media is interested in going along for the ride.

Oh where for art thou, "liberal media?"