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Well now that the primary season has come to an end and the general elections on the horizon, the true impact of Tea Party Republicans (TPR) will be measured. To listen to some pundits and members of the pundit-ocracy merely winning primary races equates to a political revolution the likes the nation hasn't witnessed since the...since the Revolutionary War.

Personally, I am waiting for someone to ask the question: What if any impact will Tea Party Republicans have in the general election should they actually win seats in the house and senate?

Let's for a moment take a look at the total number of TPR that will be seeking office this November.

US House of Representatives: (12)
Jesse Kelly Az., Raul Labrador, Id., Robert Dold, Il., Brad Zaun, Ia., Todd Lally, Ky., Andrew Raczkowski, Mi., Dan Banishek, Mi., Vicky Hartzler, Mo., Anna Little, NJ., Keith Rothfus, Pa., Tim Scott, SC., Bob Inglis, SC.(sitting Republican that ran with TPR backing).

US Senate: (6)
Joe Miller, Ak., Ken Buck, Co., Rand Paul, Ky., Sharron Angle, Nv., Pat Toomey, Pa., Mike Lee, Ut.

If we are to project the Republicans having majorities in both the house (218) and senate (51) I can't help wonder where in the pecking order will the TPR fall within the whole of the Republican party? Except for Bob Inglis of SC., it seems to me that TPR freshmen will have little seniority or voice within the party.

Do the TPR actually think that the election of their own will actually change the power structure of the Republican Party in either the house or the senate? If the TPR were wise, they would realize that as the minority voice in their party, with their low on the totem pole committee assignments, the opportunity to change the power dynamics in Washington DC will go by the wayside.

I see the TPR candidates becoming the very politicians that they pretend that they are so against. The TPR candidates if elected will march in lock step with the agenda as set forth by senior Republicans like Lamar Smith and Darrell Issa who plan on impeaching Obama.

The only revolution members like Lynn Westmoreland of the Republican party are interested in consists of shutting down the government as they did back in 1994.

As far as I can tell, the supporters of TPR have been duped in the worst way. And they the only way they will ever truly grasp how they have been fooled is only after the TPR are sworn into office in 2011.