George and Anna

George and Anna

At first I had no intention of addressing the whole George and Anna relationship. I mean what in the hell would possess a opponent of activists courts and proponent of states rights be at all interested in submitting a legal brief in support of the federal court ruling on Anna Nicole Smith's case before the Supreme Court that would make her a very wealthy woman. What is Bush's motivation?

Well, I don't want to spread unfounded rumors, (amongst the few) but what if Bush and Anna go way back. Is it possible that they knew each other before he was the President of the United States?

It is common knowledge that Bush on at least one occasion lived in Houston Texas. The same could be said of Anna Nicole. She lived in Texas and worked as a stripper if I am not mistaken. The possibility exists that these two met each other before he turned 40, got religion and enter politics. I know that Texas is a big state and all...but it is possible.

So, like I was saying, what does a opponent of activists courts and proponent of states rights care about this case? Is there any connection that has yet to surface between the two? Is the president simply helping out a fellow big breasted Texan? Or is he helping a fellow big breasted Texan who remembers when she was a not-so big breasted young Texan swinging from the stage pole shaking her money maker? Is there something nefarious going on. Perhaps Anna is calling in her favor that was once promised in a moment of "youthful indiscretion?"

It is possible you know...it is possible...


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