Oh Canada...Oh Canada Part 3

Oh Canada...Oh Canada Part 3

The final days of the January 23rd election has become a down and dirty fight. The Conservative Party looks to take control of Parliment and reward Stephen Harper with the title of Prime Minister should the numbers hold up.

The Liberal party and the New Democrat Party appear to be at odds over the direction of the country. Paul Martin has taken to attacking Jack Layton. It looks like things are going from bad to worse for the Liberal Party. To say nothing of dwindling support of Bloc Quebecios according to the views of Stephen Harper.

In the balance is whether or not the Conservatives will alter Medicare to allow for the growth of for-profit-healthcare. I have to wonder just how important Candians view Medicare. It might not be the sacred cow as some articles would indicate.

And of course, there is the role of Canada on the international stage. Will Stephen Harper send Canadian troops to Iraq as Prime Minister? Will Canada become another cheerleader ally for the Bush administration? (I was gonna say lap-dog, but that honor was already bestowed upon Tony Blair.)

Needless to say, there is scant coverage of the Canadian election in the states. Oh sure there is an article here and an article there in print media. But there isn't much coverage by the big three 24 hour news channels (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) on the pending election and any potential outcome.

Of course I can only imagine the news coverage should the Conservative Party win. In the US the Republicans will interpret the election as evidence that the Bush administration and the conservative ideas of the Republican Party are supported by the Canadian people. This no doubt will include his invasion of Iraq when one considers previous comments of Stephen Harper.

I already have a few ideas about future cartoons. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous CuriosityKilledTheCat said...

The Conversion of Stephen Harper:

To change from voting Liberal to voting Conservative on Monday would mean accepting that Stephen Harper had undergone a conversion from the rightwing Saul of Canadian politics, to the middle-of-the-road Paul. Voters asked to believe this conversion need to satisfy themselves that the Harper who stood in front of a gathering of neocons in the USA in 1997 and lauded them as examples to be followed, praised their philosophy, denigrated Maritimers, decried Canada as a welfare state not to be emulated, has, in the course of the past 18 months, suddenly seen the light, and changed.

How credible is this Harper conversion? Well, let the man speak for himself: he said he has become more realistic, but his fundamental beliefs have not changed. Oh, and his comments were really in jest.

If so, how much stock can a voter place today on his program, on his statements that there will not be serious cuts, that he will not introduce legislation to take away rights entrenched by the Supreme Court? What assurance does a voter have that Harper will not turn around in six months time and tell the country: Sorry, folks – I was only joking when I said those things ....

Sorry, Mr Harper, I for one do not believe a leopard can change its spots. Not even a very smart leopard. But I do believe a leopard just might dress up in sheep’s clothing ...

1/19/2006 6:41 AM  
Blogger Sarah Elaine said...

More on the Canadian election! Woo hoo! You rock my world, Mac.

And trust me, health care is VERY important to most of us... To be honest, I think many of us look at the system in the States and just... well... shudder. Though it looks like that's where we're headed, whether we like it or not...

Oooohhhh, I wonder what Monday will bring, eh?!

1/19/2006 8:48 PM  
Blogger Sarah Elaine said...

Mac - Saw this election funny and thought you'd appreciate it...

Martin, Harper and Layton are flying on the Executive Airbus to a gathering in British Columbia when Martin turns to Harper and says, chuckling, "You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out the window right now and make someone very happy."

Harper shrugs and replies, "Well, I could throw ten $100 bills out the window and make ten people happy."

Not to be outdone, Layton says, "Well I could throw a hundred $10 bills out the window and make a hundred people happy."

The pilot rolls his eyes and says to his co-pilot, "Such arrogant asses back there. Hell, I could throw all three of them out the window and make 32 million people happy."

1/21/2006 7:35 PM  
Blogger M A F said...

Sarah, I love it!

While I see Martin as an all around ass, I think that Harper comes off as the more arrogant of the two. And Layton seems willing to take a backseat to either man and their party if he thinks he'll benefit. And as for Duceppe, he is truly a Quebecios jerk.

I did see some media coverage on the Daily Show w/John Stewart and CNN. The Daily Show provided the more indepth coverage. CNN pretty much touted the line about Canada turing torwards Bush should Harper and the CP win. I figure there should be some coverage here in the states on Monday talking about Bush having been decisive in the outcome, either way.

1/21/2006 8:52 PM  
Blogger Sarah Elaine said...

Ah yes... and by this time tomorrow, it'll all be settled.

I must get to bed so I can go vote before work!

Nighty night!

1/22/2006 8:08 PM  

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