An attempt at prognostication

Well, the shit has hit the fan over at the White House with the latest revelation about the millions of US citizens phone numbers that the NSA has collected in the attempt to fight al Qaeda. (Has the crowd finally started to ignore the Deciders repeated cries of wolf?) As it turns out, Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, who Bush nominated on Monday to become the director the CIA, was in charge over at the NSA from March 1999 to April 2005. The policy and practice "to create a database of every call ever made" was his baby.

Well, it is early Friday morning, and everyone knows that Friday is the day to make announcements like they did when Goss announced he was being forced out going to resign, immediately. I will go out on a limb and predict that Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden will never have an up or down vote in the Senate. I will go further and say that he will withdraw his nomination (or Bush will) to avoid being questioned by Democrats and Republicans about the illegality of the NSA program. Which would undoubtedly cause further embarrassment to Bush while exposing the Decider-in chief's flagrant disregard of the US Constitution, again. (OK, if not this Friday (5/12) next Friday at the latest (5/19).)

Do you think that an administration that says it doesn't focus on polls will be focusing upon the latest poll showing Bush's support at 29 percent? How low can he go? Will he he find himself sharing the low-light with Dick Cheney with approval polls in the teens (low twenties?) come June 2006?

I almost feel bad for the sycophants of the Bush administration.



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