Job Growth

Job Growth

Have you seen these people? I know I have. (If you haven't I am sure it is only a matter of time before you do.) They are the latest phenomenon of Bush-onomics. These are the latest in advertising, 2-legged billboards. These billboards occupy the side of the road, sidewalk or the center divider (median), walking commercial advertisements attempting to direct your attention to their employers products or services. Whatever the case may be.

My favorite 2-legged billboards (not depicted here) are the dancing variety. With their walkman/IPod in pocket and headphones in place they dance to the music that only they can hear. (Never has a nation been closer to ideal of everyone walking to the sound of their own drummer.)

I can't begrudge these people for taking these jobs. A job is a job, unless you work in the fast food industry. In todays global economy and in accordance with Bush-onomics the fast food industry is not a service industry as much as it is one of manufacturing. I suppose that the 2-legged billboards could be classified as customer service representatives. Possibly even sales representative, after all they job is to sell their respective business with their colorful signage. I won't bore you by discussing future job-placement and advancement of the 2-legged billboard. (As if they had any...)

You know that these times, they are a changing...there was a time when the only guys that carried (wore) signs were those decrying that the end was nigh. What I'd give to see one of those 2-legged billboard entrepeneurs today.


Blogger Damien said...

Looks like Bushonomics in action!!!
Hmmm looks like a nice idea for a pic (I'll have to errr borrow the concept some time).

5/09/2006 3:45 PM  

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