Ahmadinejad's letter to George Bush

I decide to read the letter that the president of Iran wrote to the president of the US. After reading it, it becomes quite obvious that Ahamdinejad is definately not as "mad" or "insane" as the voices of the rightwing MSM have been quick to assert. If a Ahmadinejad is anything, he is crazy...like a fox. His letter, while addressed to Bush was written with the idea that the world would be reading every word. One god fearing man to another god fearing man. And there are many words contained in the eight (18) pages. The effect the letter will have abroad is yet to be determined. It is rather obvious that the letter is mostly irrelevant to the Bush administration.

It is kind of ironic, Ahmadinejad the teacher is giving a history lesson to Bush, who "earned" a BA in History. Then there are all the references to Bush's faith. The letter is filled with the contrasts of the ideas of allah/god and the actions taken by the faithful(?) believer. Of course, the two men do share a love of their religion. But I wouldn't want to decide who was the bigger zealot anymore than deciding which one has exploited their faith for political purposes. Needless to say, Ahadinejad goes out of his way to contrast Bush's Christian faith against his unchristian-like actions that include the invasion of Iraq, the capture and detention of men held in Guantanomo Bay and the gulags of the former Soviet Union. (It's all in the letter, just read it.)

I doubt Bush will actually read the letter. And that I won't begrudge him. He'll leave that to some office aide that will write a 200 word or less synopsis of what the letter contained. But as I indicated at the beginning of this post, the letter was meant for international consumption more than it was about establishing a serious correspondence between those two men. It will be interesting to see how this letter plays internationally. If Bush and Ahmadinejad were playing poker, oh I don't know, say a game of Texas hold'em from the looks of things, the flop has been equally beneficial to both men...the kicker will be crucial, and both men will be all in when the river card has been dealt.

On a less serious note, on more than one occasion in the translation Ahadinejad refers to Bush as "Your Excellency." It was as if George were a king or something. Finally some common ground.


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