Amnesty (& Immigration Reform)

Amnesty (& Immigration Reform)

It is a sad day when George Bush and the Republican Party cannot exploit the invasion and occupation of Iraq for their personal and political gain. So what is the "war president" and his party going to do? It is obvious that the Republican party needs a boogey-man, scapegoat, the "other" to foist societies problems on. If Iraq was going according to plan (I know, what plan) the issue of immigration would be a non sequitur during the 2006 mid-term election.

So, as the nation waits for this years October surprise the "central front in the war on terror" has been temporarily relocated to the US/Mexico border. The changing war front comes amid the presidents lackluster approval ratings and his need to reinvigorate his party's base. And what better way that to address the nation on Immigration Reform. Bush knows that the "other" has always worked at motivating the party faihtful, remember Willie Horton? Surely you remember the attacks against McCain in South Carolina?

Of course, Bush is straddling the fence on the issue of immigration reform. He has to find away to appeal to the Latino voter while not offending his party's base. He can't support the deportation of 11-12 million illegal immigrants anymore than he can support an amnesty program for those same illegal immigrants currently living in the US. What is a president to do? More importantly, what side of the fence will he eventually fall? Bush has to know that he faces some serious repercussions should his party lose control of either the House and Senate (or both).

Might the October suprise be a reduction of troops in Iraq similar to what John Murtha proposed last November only this time Bush will take credit for the idea?


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