Pulling out

Pulling out

The compassionate conservativism of George Bush is all about sacrafice. While the rest of the country does their part in fighting the war of on terrorism by shopping it is nice to know that the soldiers serving in Iraq are not alone in their personal sacrifice at the behest of the the commander-in-chief. The elderly too are going above and beyond the call, as they find themselves struggling with the MBA presidents strategic cuts to lessen the national burden of the prescription drug program.

The compassionate conservative is pulling out the rug from underneath the greatest generation to ensure that the pharmaceutical companies can maximize their profits. Oh sure to the Bush non-believer the cuts sound horrible. But we have to accept that there has to be sacrafice in the war of on terrorism, and who better than the unknowing young service member, and the elderly who already know what it means to sacrafice.

God save the King!


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