Propositions 75 &76

Propositions 75 & 76

Yeah, two for the price of one! Prop 75 I have already commented upon. But not Prop 76. This proposition is in and of itself a finely crafted piece of legislation that allows the governor dictatorial power in the budget process. People that were concerned with Schwarzenegger's disregard for education spending know full well that the passage of Prop 76 allows the governor to take funds earmarked for education and direct them to the general fund while ignoring the requirements of Proposition 98. And the best part for the governor is that he won't have to worry about paying back the money owed to education.

With the possible passage of Prop 76 monies that are supposed to go to educating students from kindergarden to college would be subjected to the whims of the governor. Imagine education funds spent on corporate tax breaks and to pay off the looming debt the state is going to incur from the bond measure that was supposed to bail the state out of it's billion dollar deficit.

And to think, the same people backing Props 74, 75, 76, 78 have no problem with state government reaching into the pockets and lives of working Californian's decry the passage of Proposition 79 because they fear the government making decisions in peoples everyday lives.

The goals supporters of Schwarzenegger and the aforementioned propositions are interested in destroying unions and weakening workers rights in politics and their rights to affordable healthcare. Just ask policemen, firemen, teachers, nurses and heathcare workers. Schwarzenegger is only interested protecting those that have donated millions to fund the November 8th special election.

If you don't believe me, I extoll you to read the propositions that will appear on the states special election ballot. Are you casting your vote to the peril of others, to us all?


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