Proposition 75

Proposition 75

Proposition 75, the Paycheck Deception Act is how the ballot should read. Here again is another proposition that was funded by corporate special interests for the low low price of $1.00 dollar per signature.

I had the experience of speaking to a couple of the corporate shills who sold out ($1.00 dollar at a time) to the big bad special interest groups they had at one time opposed when Gray Davis was the Governor of Calee-fornia. Of those few that I had the pleasure of speaking with were completely unaware of the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger has raised more money as governor from special interest donations than Gray Davis.

And in accordance with the gods of all things ironic, Schwarzenegger's political contributors are the same corporate lobbying groups that gave generously to Davis when he was still in office. Too bad irony is so misunderstood.

One final thought regarding the Paycheck Deception Act; and it has to to with the belief that coincidentally Republican's hold that campaign contributions are another form of free speech. In concert with Republican support of Prop 75, it becomes rather obvious that the Republican's believe limiting the free speech of unions in the form of campaign contributions is not only desireable but preferred. After all, it is unfair that corporations donate $24.00 dollars to every $1.00 dollar donated by unions. There cannot be parity in politics until the corporations to union ratio is 24:0.

Not even the word hypocrite is adequate to enough to describe those that support Prop 75 and believe campaign contributions are another form of free speech.

All hail the duped for they no not what they do.


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