A Likely Suspect in Capitol Police Probe of Gunshots Fired

A Likely Suspect

And to think, I was going to post a cartoon about Bush and Blair after their quaint little press conference to raise Bush's abysmal poll numbers. (You know as well as I do that Bush is hoping for a favorable bounce in his public approval ratings.) The minute I heard about the Capitol Police searching for a gunman with the possibility of shots fired, I could think of only one man as a likely suspect.

I want to know where was Dick Cheney at the time of the initial reports about a man being seen with a gun near or around the Rayburn building. Once we can remove him from the list of suspects...I would not be suprised to learn that members of Congress will be a little more accommodating when they learn that the FBI plans on searching their offices.

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Blogger historymike said...

Ha! I never saw that coming, despite many weeks worth of Cheney jokes.


5/26/2006 6:41 PM  

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