I love a parade!

I love a parade! Oops! I love a good protest march!

I listened to some callers on CSPAN for about 20-30 minutes this morning. And I kid you not, if not for the host, I would not have been able to distinguish between the Democrat callers and the Republican callers. The list of solutions consisted of rounding up 11 million people and deporting them of Mexico (regardless of where they are from); building a fence along the southern border, and a particularly "ingenious" idea of arresting all those illegals seen on the news protesting.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention some of the problems that I learned about that the illegal immigrant population has created. According to the citizens of the United States, if not for illegal immigrants, working wages would increase, the educational system would improve, and the best news of all, health care costs would decline.

It never ceases to amaze me just how weak and fragile this nation and the system of capitalism really is when 4 percent of the population in the United States can depress workers wages despite the role of the businesses that set the wages and do the hiring. Then there is the impact on the system of education, apparently all those people that have spent countless hours blaming teachers and the unions that represent them got it all wrong. And of course, there is health costs, which I was under the impression that the reason heath care costs were out of control was due to workers unions and trial lawyers.

When did it all change?

Where is the real accountability to the system of capitalism? Businesses are interested in supressing wages to maximize their profits. The same principle of profit that promotes the outsourcing of jobs overseas is shared by those that rely upon the illegal immigrant who works in their employ. These economic realities are the fault of the government of Mexico? Apparently the economic incentives of NAFTA never materialized for Mexico.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think that the government of Mexico is responsible for those Mexican nationals that enter the US illegally. Afterall, Mexico is just a client-state of the US government. The US has no incentive for ensuring that Mexico has a growing middle-class and viable economy. Together the US with Mexico can ensure a constant flow of cheap labor until the cost of labor becomes negligible.


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