Base Fears

Base Fears

Immigration. Immigration! IMMIGRATION!

The Republican Party needs a wedge issue to run on this November. They can't run touting the glorious invasion of Iraq and expect to win. What can the Republicans do to secure their seat in Congress? Republicans need to find the "others" that will pander to the Base Fears of their party and an American electorate that cowers when the threat of the "other" is looming.

I find it most disconcerting that no Democrat has the will to call supporters of HR 4437 out for their political grandstanding on the issue of immigration reform. I am sickened when I hear Republicans and the sycophants of the party talking about the "imminent" threat posed to this nation if congress doesn't pass some punitive immigration reform legislation.

If the invasion of Iraq was progressing in an orderly fashion as was predicted by the lucid thinkers of the Bush adminsitration, Republicans would be willing to actually appear on stage at the same time with Bush or Cheney when either man came to their district to raise cash for their campaign.

Well, Iraq is fast becoming a quagmire. The minority of Americans that have long opposed to the invasion of Iraq find themselves in the company of those that once drank regularly from the kool-aid if the various polls mean anything. The Iraqi government took their oaths of office nearly a month-ago, and ajourned indefinately. And not to be forgotten, the not-civil war is progressing rather nicely.

When the Republicans come pandering for your vote this November I want you to remember that you need not be driven by your Base Fears of the "others." Stay away from the damn kool-aid!


Blogger historymike said...

You correctly identified illegal immigrants as the 2006 (and possibly 2008) electoral scapegoats, much like 2004 saw the demonization of gays, Mac.

And I am equally disgusted that the Democrats have largely caved to Republican efforts to link terror and people crossing the border to find work.

4/09/2006 6:52 AM  

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