Of Buddies, Birdshot, and Beer Pt.

Of Buddies, Birdshot, and Beer Pt. 2
(Part 1 can be found here.)

Here are just a few of the titles various media outlets have given following the brief public statement given by Harry Whittington.

Lawyer Shot by Cheney Is Sorry for Veep's Troubles
Man shot by Cheney sorry for VP
Cheney shooting victim calls mishap an accident
Cheney shooting victim 'deeply sorry'
Cheney shooting victim says sorry - to Cheney

Please take the time to notice (with a cursory view with your mouse cursor) that I didn't just rely upon members of the MSM found in the US for these story titles. I went international.

It is really sad to see a bruised and pock-marked 78-year-old man stand in front of a bank of microphones and apologize for being shot. In his effort obsolve Cheney of his already admitted guilt, I was suprised that Whittington didn't also confess that the whole ordeal had been more tramatic to Cheney than himself.

The old man I saw at the podium didn't resemble the proud and confident man in the pictures being shown prior to his release from the hospital. He looks broken in ways that go beyond being shot by a "friend" (see Part 1).

Being highly pessimistic regarding the selfish actions of Dick Cheney, it would not suprise me that on that Sunday evening when Cheney is reported to have visited his victim that there wasn't a confidentiality agreement signed between the two men.

I know, it sounds almost conspiratorial. Again, I haven't much trust in either the witness statements, or the police report. The Associated Press has compiled a list of discrepancies worth taking a look at. The list really puts into perpective, and feeds my ever growing distrust of Bush and Cheney.

Of course, I am just a liberal (thank you very much) and it isn't like there are any Republicans who are critical of Cheney's actions following his shooting of Whittington. Well, I have that covered. Or more like the Turkish Press has it covered. Granted, those quoted in the cited article aren't nearly as critical as I have been, I use it to dispell those rumors of partisanship often affilated with a Bush/Cheney did it story.


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