Hackett hit by "friendly-fire"

Hackett hit by "friendly-fire"

What a week and it has only just begun.

Cheney accidentally shot a life long friend who then suffered a minor heart-attack. And in an effort to not be outdone, the Democrats have had a little accident of their own. It does appear that Harry Reid and Charles Schumer have taken out Paul Hackett.

Once again the DLC is caught undermining the democratic national committee (dnc) as it seeks to move the party as a whole farther to the "right" were Democrats can run as Republican-light candidates.

It is really interesting to see how quickly one can go from political darling to loser candidate (according to some) and party liability. And lets face it Hackett is/was a liability to the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). The DLC and candidates like Hillary Clinton could ill afford to have somebody like Hackett challenging Bush on the invasion and occupation of Iraq when many of those seeking re-election in 2006 (not to mention possible Democratic Party presidential hopefuls for 2008) are walking in lock step with the administration.

I can only wonder what sort of arrangement has been made between the members of the DLC like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton should she find herself the first female president of the United States. (Oh, that thought gives me chills.) Does either man have aspirations to serve as VP?

To the DLC, congratulations on taking out Hackett.

To Mr. Hackett, might you reconsider your retirement from politics? There is always 2008.


Blogger Sarah Elaine said...

I don't know which they're talking about more in our news... This story or the one about Wayne Gretzky...

OK, so they're talking about Gretzky more... but this is a close second!

2/14/2006 11:12 PM  
Blogger Damien said...

Dude I'm still hanging out to see if Cheney gets charged over this moronic event- hope the other guy gets better though.

2/15/2006 2:34 PM  
Blogger M A F said...

Damien, the odds of Cheney getting charged are slim and none. And if Whittington were to die, I doubt that the odds would change. He might have to resign, but not much else.

Besides, Bush could just pardon him.

2/15/2006 10:13 PM  

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