The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Well, the Bush administration has begun the push for UN sanctions. It starts with the IAEA referral of Iran to the UN Security Council. No doubt that the Bush administration is interested in making sure that Iran is punished because they have upheld the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Like the case made against Iraq, the Bush administration is relying upon alot of would of, could of statements to justify their position and threats against the Iranian government. In response to the US actions, Iran has decided to stop cooperating with the IAEA inspections and has said it will initiate its uranium enrichment program. There is still some hope that Iran will work a deal with the Russians.

As it stands, Ahmandinajad has referred to the West (Bush) and the IAEA as idiots and the referral itself as funny.


Blogger Blogenfreude said...

So long Mom!
I'm off to bomb Iran!
So don't wait up for me!

2/07/2006 10:57 AM  
Blogger historymike said...

Depressing but deadly accurate image, Mac. We inch closer and closer to a major regional war and perhaps (God forbid) a third World War.

2/07/2006 5:29 PM  

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