Heavy Burden

Heavy Burden

Do you think that Ariel Sharon longs for the freedom of the pre-9/11 world?

Sharon started off the month of December by annnouncing that Israel "can't accept a situation where Iran has nuclear arms" and "is making all the necessary preparations to handle a situation like this."

So, I draw my cartoon to mark the occasion, and as I considered possible punch lines I learned that Sharon has apparently had a change of heart. According to Prime Minister Sharon's spokesman Ra'anan Gissin,"Israel has no intention of launching an attack against Iran, definitely not before all diplomatic options have been exhausted".

Well, I figured that things could be worse. I could still use the cartoon even if it wasn't as funny as I had hoped. But then something strange happened. Bush gave a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Monday. (I am sure you heard all about it by now.) Well today he left the confines of his box and actually took (unscripted?) questions from the audience. A self confessed supporter asked "Do you feel that since invading Iraq, the threat of terrorism on U.S. soil has been reduced significantly?"

In the beginning of his response, Bush did his best to compare World War II and Iraq. He claimed that what has happened, and is happening in Iraq is analygous to what transpired in post-war Japan and Germany. (And to think, Bush earned a Bachelors Degree in History from Yale.) It was near the end of his answer, that Bush made what I believe to be an attempt to connect support for the war in Iraq with support for Isreal in the same manner he tried to connect Saddam Hussein and 9/11.

"If you're a supporter of Israel, I would strongly urge you to help other countries become democracies. Israel's long-term survival depends upon the spread of democracy in the Middle East."

Please draw you own your own conclusions.


Blogger Damien said...

I guess the thing is that world starts looking deeper into double standards as far as American foriegn policy on nuclear arms in the middle east. Although you know I do get the point about Iran, the guy is a nut job.

12/14/2005 2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is evident that if a country in the final stages of pursuing nuclear P239 weapons reactors (with the help of NK and Russia/Putin)just *coincidently* threatened to wipe United States 'off the map', then banned listening to western music, and proposed ridiculous schemes of ethnic cleansing (moving the population to another country) the united states would be quite apt to want to bomb those weapons-grade reactors out of exsistence.

Here's to israel bombing the iranian reactors into the stoneage, she has every right to defend herself from a clearly mad regime.

12/19/2005 10:57 PM  

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