Bombs Away!

In Lebanon the UN is trying to pull together peacekeepers, but as it stands Italy is worried about taking Israeli fire; the Russians are on the fence; Egypt's influence has been tarnished...and in the end all Kofi and the UN can do is warn the world of the pending security vaccuum in Lebanon.

I can't help think about all the bitching by the current administration about the failures of the United Nations to act decisively in the Middle East...yeah, this is one of those moments where the US government is showing that the United Nations is only as effective as the sum total of all of its parts. And the US is not interested in changing the status quo in Lebanon or proving that the UN can act decisively.

I am reminded of a cartoon that I thought about drawing during the Israel's bombing campaign of Lebanon. It was a simple image, a bomb falling over a map of Lebanon, and on that bomb were two things the first was the letters IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), and the second, "Made in the US of A."

And the title of the cartoon that I never took the time to draw? Why they hate us. I suppose that late is always better than never...maybe I'll draw and post it anyway...

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