Your Mullah

Your Mullah


Blogger Graham said...

These are so good J. Thanks for visiting my blog and offering your thoughts. I also agree that the Democrats need to come up with a unified message to bring the party together.

11/03/2005 5:08 AM  
Blogger M A F said...


I enjoy reading your essays. They offer me an opportunity to step back and look at issues from another perspective.

It is my desire to encapulate 1000 words in each cartoon.

11/03/2005 3:19 PM  
Blogger Damien said...

Strange Sistani remained fairly silent one does think that he may actually have something up his sleeve.

11/03/2005 7:03 PM  
Blogger M A F said...

I had read an article (I might have to start posting links again) that talked about how Sistani may call for US troops to withdraw from Iraq. He may just have Pandoras box "up his sleeve" should the US decline his invitation.

It is really quite the democratic achievement when an unelected mullah can drive a nation's policy.

11/03/2005 7:40 PM  

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