Buck Off!

Buck Off!


Blogger Graham said...

Yeah but where would we be without what Carville accomplished alongside Georgie, and Paul in 1992. They taught Democrats how to fight back. I think we still owe Carville a lot.

I don't know if there's been anything else apart from his feelings on the CIA case because of his wife's involvement, but I still think Carville is one of the voices in our party we should listen to and take seriously.

11/14/2005 8:35 AM  
Blogger M A F said...


1992 fight was followed quickly by the Republican Revolution and the will to fight hasn't been seen for many years. Of course when I see Carville, Georgie and Paul I see DLC not DNC. (I considered putting DLC on the hat.)

If I were a Democrat I'd hope that other Democrats would learn to fight like Paul Hackett (or Barbara Boxer). I'd be more inclined to vote for Democrats that have their moxie.

11/14/2005 11:33 PM  

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