Score one for the US Constitution and International law

The Bush administration learned today that the US Supreme Court rejects 'war on terror' military tribunals.
The US Supreme Court has ruled President George W Bush overstepped his powers and breached the Geneva Conventions by setting up special war crime tribunals for "war on terror" suspects.
Major Michael Mori, the military lawyer appointed to defend Hicks before the tribunals says he is not surprised by the US Supreme Court decision. "It doesn't come as a shock to me. The military lawyers who have been defending the defendants at Guantanamo have been saying this all along. Any real lawyer who isn't part of the administration knows this violates the Geneva Conventions."

The Supreme Court today ruled that Bush isn't the Dictator-in-Chief. The Court ruled that Bush has overstepped his bounds as the president. I don't know the specific ruling from the SC, but I am aware of the powers of congress found in Article 1, Sec. 8; of the US Constitution include
To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water (emphasis mine).

Of course it is important to know that the sycophants for Bush in the house and senate are fast at work looking for a way to run around the recent Court's ruling in order to reestablish the Dictator-in-Chief's supreme power. And to think, Bush said that the Supreme Court would be the final arbitor of what is to happen with the "detainees" of Guantanamo Bay. It was June 16th, when Bush was heard to say,
"Eventually these people will have trials, and they will have counsel, and they will be represented in the court of law...

"[M]y answer to them is, is that we are a nation of laws and rule of law. These people have been picked up off the battlefield and they're very dangerous. And so we have that balance between customary justice, the typical system, and one that will be done in the military courts. And that's what we're waiting for."

I'm waiting for the US legislature to once again abdicate their constitutional role.

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