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George Bush has repeatedly stated that he wants to wait until the Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald finishes his investigation of who leaked the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame before the president or members of his administration will comment publicly on the matter.

It should be known that I don’t blame Scott McClelland when he speaks in meaningless platitudes; after all it is his job to spin reporters questions in an effort to make Bush look good while promoting his agenda, as demonstrated during Tuesday’s (10/18) White House Press Briefing where Scott McClelland again reiterated the president’s position by telling reporters in attendance that “our policy is to not comment on any investigation that is on going.”

I personally would love to learn when the Bush administration instituted the policy to which McClelland avers. The reason for wondering is because this policy “to not comment on any investigation” was not practiced in the ramping up for the invasion of Iraq.

Back then the Bush administration wasn’t interested in waiting for the investigation to end before invading Iraq. While United Nations inspectors investigated U.S. claims that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) the policy of President Bush and Dick Cheney (along with various members of the administration) not to comment upon investigations was absent as virtually everyone spoke about their knowledge that Saddam Hussein did possess WMD.

Of course, rather than waiting for the investigation to end and all the facts to come out Bush decided to start his “shock and awe” invasion. All the while Bush and his administration posited that because Saddam Hussein actually use of WMD in the past it was therefore reasonable to conclude that Hussein still possessed WMD.

Oddly enough, Karl Rove like Saddam Hussein also has a past. And while Rove never possessed and used WMD he did possess a bag of political dirty tricks that he has been know to use against gubernatorial candidates, presidential primary opponents and competing candidates for the presidency of the U.S. that George has faced in his career as a politician.

Fair is fair. Let us dispose of the waiting process as Patrick Fitzgerald investigates the CIA leak of Valerie Plame’s identity. I think that the public deserves to see Bush act “preemptively” and invade the office of Karl Rove and remove him from power. That would be one campaign that would leave the American public in “shock and awe.”


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