I Want Some...

I Want Some...

I have been sitting on this cartoon for sometime, thinking that there will be an appropriate time to share the image. But as the days passed I started to think that this was one of those cartoons that I would keep stored on my hard drive. And then I got to thinking about Cindy Sheehan and her desire to ask President Bush about what he calls the "noble cause" that is the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The noble cause is oil, hegenomy, and a son trying to live beyond the shadow of his father.

I suspect that there are those that support Bush who would accuse me of being crazy for posting such "unfounded beliefs." This is something that I can except. And when I take into consideration the beliefs of Bush supporters who state, "Yes, we still believe that Saddam Hussein was connected to September 11th. And yes, we still do believe that we would be fighting this war on our own land, if we didn't take it to them. It would be on our soil for our grandchildren to fight."

Well between you and me, I can't be any worse off than Bush's supporter.


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